They know how to push the wrong buttons looking for the right ones, they break our hearts only to mend it later, but we love them none the less. Movember is dedicated to all the men out there who are going through depression, prostate cancer or any other men’s health issues.


 Every Dream Nails girl knows that your nails say a little about the type of person you are, if you ever wondered why you gravitate towards a specific nail shape it’s probably because you are your nail shape. Your nail shape says a lot about your personality and what you subconsciously want people to know about you.

Dream Nails Beauty is always way ahead of the pack, making sure we know what is trending for spring. Naturally when one thinks of spring we think of bright yellow, lime greens even floral, but that’s not the case in the nail art world.

Shantell Martin is a visual artist born in London in 1980. Martin is known for her drawings and light projections. Her work can be described as abstract but she describes her work as “a language unfolding” and she will draw on any surface she can get her hands on.

Pedicures are very beneficial we all know that, but pulling your feet out of your warm socks or boots and forcing your toes to face the cold air can be a downer. This means we skip our regular pedicures until its more comfortable to bare your feet.