inTouch Colour Focus Fruit Smoothie is a sparkly, deep hue of magenta for the spontaneous girl. This polish inspires passion and is often favoured by girls who see life through their own lens. Your witty nature has people describing you as an off-beat socialite who has a thrill for life.

The cosmetic and beauty industry would not be such a multi-billion dollar industry if it wasn’t extremely relevant and important to today’s society. We only have to look at any form of media to know that the message consumers are fed daily is that beauty can be bought. Beauty is bottled and packaged as creams, lotions, clothes, shoes, diet fads and medication.

Cherish the time you share as mom and daughter, when all is said and done your words and actions counts so much more in each other’s lives than you might ever realise. There is nothing more valuable, endearing and trusting than the love that exists between a mom and her daughter.

Whoever stated that glamour is a state of mind certainly hit the nail on the head. Take some time out and take stock of what is happening in your life. Here are a few pointers to help you get your glamour on:

We’ve all been through this, stuck in front of a very small replica of a mirror in the shop, cheeks sucked in trying to match the right colour for that fantastic blush you have been dying to try out.