We are absolutely in love with the summer colours that Morgan Taylor has to offer. Here is a quick how to spot your undertone to pick the best colour polish to add some dazzle to that lovely expressive personality you so rightfully own:

Tangerine Dream is a bright and tangy colour for the active girl. Tangerine is a hue of orange which is a warm colour that draws people in making the nail polish the perfect accessory for the social butterfly.

So what if cool or warm undertones play a role in what makes you dazzle more in the way you dress? Why not apply this to choosing your perfect polish colour? We have done a glamorous “Spot your tone” on our latest DIY Diva to see how to establish if your tone is neutral, cool or warm. So let’s dive right in to it:

Heirs to the Throne is a noble and exciting colour that is great for the charismatic girl. Purple has always been a colour that represents royalty and the metallic effect adds extra sparkle to complete any sovereign look.

A lady with sass knows that being glamourous is hard work and one non-negotiable is having lovely, glowing skin. You might think that routine is anything but fun, but here are five steps to get your glow on - diva style: