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Dream Nails Artist of the Week - Josef Albers

Art Pieces:  Homage to the Square, Interaction of Color

Author: Nosizwe Ndlovu

 “Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that's the difference!”

Josef Albers was born in Germany in 1888 and died an American citizen in 1976. Albers was an architect, a painter and a sculptor and he is most recognized for geometric abstraction and his experimentation with colour in his works. Albers’ style was developed and heavily influenced by Bauhaus, a German school of art, architecture and design which he both attended and taught at. Albers’ also taught at Yale University and Black Mountain College.


inTouch Colour Focus - Blue Velvet Rope

Blue Velvet Rope is a bright shade of blue for the friendly girl. Blue is an easy going colour that most people like because it gives a sense of tranquility. The liveliness of the polish will put you in an instant good mood and will subtly show off that inner confidence that you possess.


Dream Nails Artist of the Week - Lawrence Weiner

Art Pieces: Placed on the tip of a wave, Lo & Behold

Author: Nosizwe Ndlovu 

“You gotta be who you are, no matter how dangerous it is.”

Lawrence Weiner is an American artist born in 1942, who is known for his ability to portray art as a language. Weiner’s style is minimal but is rich in meaning. Unlike many famous artists Weiner did not go to an art school, instead he taught himself. 


inTouch Colour Focus - Blanca

Blanca is an intense and bright white for the futuristic and fashionable girl. White is the colour of perfection, and how could you not feel like an ethereal being when you rock this colour. Goodness and purity are some of the words that may come to mind when describing the colour but don’t be fooled, Blanca has some edge and character to it.


Dream Nails Artist of the Week - Frank Stella

Painting: 1966 Moultonville IV, Tuftonboro III

Author: Nosizwe Ndlovu

“I don't like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life”

Frank Stella, born 1936, is an American artist who has been considerably honoured for his works. Stella, a painter, printmaker and sculptor, is well known for his abstract and minimalist style and the way he pushes the boundaries of space. Stella is still alive today and continues to make art.


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