Your fingernails are an important part of the impression you leave with others. So whether you prefer manicured, polished nails or opt for a more natural look, you want to consider these 10 commandments as rules to live by when it comes to nail care.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, born in 1960, is an American artist who was known for his thought provoking work and boundless graffiti style. From a young age Basquiat wanted to be famous and although he was undoubtedly talented as an artist his fame was amplified when he joined the 27 Club like many of his heroes before him.

Blue Velvet Rope is a bright shade of blue for the friendly girl. Blue is an easy going colour that most people like because it gives a sense of tranquility. The liveliness of the polish will put you in an instant good mood and will subtly show off that inner confidence that you possess.

George Condo is a multi-talented American artist born in 1957. Condo’s skills range from painting, sculpting, drawing and printmaking. Condo is known for pushing the envelope with his work...

With the dawn of 2015, its that time of year one starts thinking of the habits you've picked up over the past year that are no longer serving your life. According to motivational speaker Anthony Roberts it takes 21 days to break or form a habit.