Spoil your loved ones, but also, most importantly spoil yourself, the month of love is the perfect time to make love vows to yourself, and no, it doesn’t sound vain at all.

Nail art has not only become the latest pop phenomenon, but has always been part of every woman’s beauty must have. Whether it is going to the salon or making use of your DIY-at home nail kit, all of us would like to keep up with the latest nail trends.  Everyone is wondering where is nail art heading this year. Dream Nails Beauty would like to take you on this journey of what was and what is to come.

Colours have a wonderful ability to evoke emotions in people. How many people dress up based on their mood? A lot. Without even realizing it. Colour plays a huge part in our daily lives, anyone who is creative will know this. Let’s take the colour yellow for instance, not only does it look amazing on all skin types, when you see someone wearing yellow your heart can’t help but smile for a second, it’s not a colour people wear often and it’s always a pleasant surprise. Express yourself with this funky colour this season. Don’t limit yourself to only clothing.

They know how to push the wrong buttons looking for the right ones, they break our hearts only to mend it later, but we love them none the less. Movember is dedicated to all the men out there who are going through depression, prostate cancer or any other men’s health issues.


 Every Dream Nails girl knows that your nails say a little about the type of person you are, if you ever wondered why you gravitate towards a specific nail shape it’s probably because you are your nail shape. Your nail shape says a lot about your personality and what you subconsciously want people to know about you.