Shantell Martin is a visual artist born in London in 1980. Martin is known for her drawings and light projections. Her work can be described as abstract but she describes her work as “a language unfolding” and she will draw on any surface she can get her hands on.

Pedicures are very beneficial we all know that, but pulling your feet out of your warm socks or boots and forcing your toes to face the cold air can be a downer. This means we skip our regular pedicures until its more comfortable to bare your feet.

If you’re a Morgan Taylor fanatic like we are you know that they have amazing colours, for every occasion and for every season. When shopping for nail polish, you end up getting so confused and end up buying a colour that you wouldn’t have necessarily bought. To make things easier we decided to be on the lookout for colours that will glam up your style this season.

Fred Tomaselli is an American artist born in 1956. Tomaselli is known for his densely patterned art work that has a mosaic/textile resemblance to them. Tomaselli’s work mixes fantasy with reality in an attempt to draw the audience in and have them lose themselves in his art.

Forget about powder puffs, foam and fingers, makeup brushes are made to last and apply makeup te right way. Who doesn't want flawless skin, glowing cheeks and eyes that really pop? Here's a secret every makeup pro knows: Gorgeous makeup is as much about the tools you use as the products you apply.