Seasons of our life changes just as much as the seasons and their colours and you have guessed right! We had a lovely summer and now find ourselves on the brink of booting and wearing jackets and shall I say it loud we are one step closer to winter?

Keith Haring is a Pop artist that was born in 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Haring discovered the love for drawing at a young age when his father taught him basic cartooning skills. Later in life Haring moved to New York where he stumbled upon an alternative art community that opened him up to fellow artists, musicians, graffiti artists and performers

We all have a voice and this voice changes colours and themes as life passes by. You may have more than one voice speaking into the abyss of this life at one stage, but only you colour it perfectly:

Cool or warm undertones play a strong role in your overall appearance. Choosing the right colour to match your tone can mean the difference between Glamour and Slammer. Why not apply this to choosing your perfect polish colour? We have done a glamorous “Spot your tone” on our latest DIY Diva to see how to establish if your tone is neutral, cool or warm. So let’s dive right in to it:

We are absolutely in love with the summer colours that Morgan Taylor has to offer. Here is a quick how to spot your undertone to pick the best colour polish to add some dazzle to that lovely expressive personality you so rightfully own: