Heirs to the Throne is a noble and exciting colour that is great for the charismatic girl. Purple has always been a colour that represents royalty and the metallic effect adds extra sparkle to complete any sovereign look.

A lady with sass knows that being glamourous is hard work and one non-negotiable is having lovely, glowing skin. You might think that routine is anything but fun, but here are five steps to get your glow on - diva style:

KAWS, whose real name is Brian Donnelly, is an American artist born in 1974. Donnelly says the name KAWS itself has no particular meaning, he says “It’s just letters that I liked—K-A-W-S. I felt like they always work and function nicely with each other.” KAWS is known for his cartoonish figures with ‘X’s on their eyes, use of vivid colours, and his re-designed versions of popular characters such as The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants. KAWS’ talent extents from graffiti to painting, designing and sculpting.

Being the creative spirit that you are, a sassy lady knows that that the path in life is created by her and not by others. Here are five tips to enhance that sassiness you so rightfully own up to:

We all have a colour that makes our heart leap, the one your friends will gasp about by saying “that is so you girl”! A real diva’s got her signature colour, so take a look and see what your favourite manicure colour reveals about you: