5 Ways To Break Bad Habits

With the dawn of 2015, its that time of year one starts thinking of the habits you've picked up over the past year that are no longer serving your life. According to motivational speaker Anthony Roberts it takes 21 days to break or form a habit.

After much thought these are the 5 ways we can all tackle our problems with bad habits.

1. Plan - Bad eating habits. If you are planning on healthier eating habits one of the ways to set it in motion is to plan meals. Make a shopping list each week of what you need to buy, plan your weekly meals. Pack your lunches the night before so that you don’t just grab whatever is easiest and convenient. Make healthier food choices.

2. Budget – The habit of over spending. You have to budget your finances to make ends meet if you are the average middleclass salary earing South African. Gone are the days when you can just walk into a shop and impulsively spend money. Food, clothes - basically everything has become expensive. You need to work out what your expenditures are versus your income and live within your means. Where possible pay cash and avoid debt.

3. Prioritize - The habit of overextending. Giving your time, energy, money and emotions to others may make you feel good, but it often leads to neglecting your own needs. You need to get to a point where you decide what you're willing to spend on a project or person and stick to that only. Over extending yourself in any area leads to burnout. Prioritise which events, people, and projects are important and which are just to please someone. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is say NO.

4. Adapt – Human beings are resilient. A changing environment, a changed mind set, a changed diet, a new routine – we can adjust to changes if we make a conscious concerted effort to change. Changing a bad habit to a healthy one whether it be to stop smoking, to live frugally, to eat healthily, will take some getting used to – so perseverance is key. There will be easy days and there will be days that take its toll. Just keep at it!

5. Have grace for yourself - Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your bad habits didn’t just happen overnight. We get into a rut or into a routine and before we know it we’ve formed a habit. All change happens in our heads and must filter down to our hearts if they are to be life changes. Take time to reflect on the areas where you need to break bad habits. Being honest with ourselves takes enormous courage. The phrase from the popular song comes to mind: ”I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to make the change”…. Before you make random resolutions … decide what serves your life and what doesn’t. And decide to break the habits that won't take you to the next level in your life health wise, financially and emotionally in 2015. You owe it to yourself! 

May 2015 be the start of great things for all our creative devotees!