Artist of the Week: Fred Tomasseli

Art Pieces: Organism, Night Music for Raptors

“Art is really about perception, and mine have been changed through visiting other realities.” 

Fred Tomaselli is an American artist born in 1956. Tomaselli is known for his densely patterned art work that has a mosaic/textile resemblance to them. Tomaselli’s work mixes fantasy with reality in an attempt to draw the audience in and have them lose themselves in his art.

Tomaselli’s art isn’t only visually interesting but is texturally interesting too because of the unusual materials and surfaces he uses. He makes use of an array of prescription and street drugs, more particularly pills (which are his signature) as well as herbs, plants, ornaments and cut-outs from books and magazines which he crafts together using resin. Tomaselli’s style, in terms of the material he uses and the explosion of different elements he incorporates, is influenced by the music and drug culture he was exposed to while living in Los Angeles in the 70’s and 80’s and the theme parks he experienced in his childhood.

Tomaselli puts his all into his work, portraying the things he loves. His subjects usually include the human anatomy, birds and flowers which are enhanced by jewel toned colours. He enhances the images with repetitive swirls, spirals, lines and juxtaposing shapes which results in psychedelic abstract art.

Tomaselli’s work has been exhibited extensively in America and has been showcased in galleries around the world from London to Brazil, Hong Kong to Japan.

Recreate this look using:
Polish Pro Ebony for the black
Polish Pro Blanca for the white
Polish Pro Scarlet for the brighter red
Polish Pro Mud Wrap for the brown
Polish Pro Midnight Blue for the darker blue
Polish Pro Dreaming of Blue for the lighter blue
Polish Pro Hoi Mai for the yellow
Polish Tangerine Dream for the orange
Polish Pro Golden Gala for the gold
Polish Pro Cupids Arrow for the silver

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