Artist of the Week: George Condo

Painting: Superman & Untitled

“There’s a life to art, beyond it just being made”

George Condo is a multi-talented American artist born in 1957. Condo’s skills range from painting, sculpting, drawing and printmaking. Condo is known for pushing the envelope with his work. His art is easily identifiable and is often described as ‘weird’ because of his imaginary characters which are extremely morphed, distorted and disfigured. Condo describes what he does as ‘”psychological cubism”.

Condo was good friends with two of the most significant artists of their time, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. The two artists played a major role in Condo’s life and his artwork. Several other artists such as Picasso, Hals, Goya and Rembrandt have influenced Condo’s artistic process, in a way that when he creates a piece he takes different styles and work he is fascinated by at the time and combines them into one piece to produce his own style and interpretations.

What Condo tries to do with his art is portray the human’s mental state by illustrating a character’s emotions and thoughts simultaneously, exposing them visually. Condo also often uses archetypal figures found in common society such as superman and the Playboy Bunny to question the fundamentals of our society and engage viewers in the conversation.

Condo’s other passion besides art is music, having studied Music Theory in university and being part of a band. Condo was able to combine his two loves when he collaborated with Kanye West and created his album cover and art work for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The art work sparked controversy but Condo is no stranger to receiving criticism for his pieces.

Recreate this look using:
Polish Pro Blanca for the White
Polish Pro Ebony for the Black
Polish Pro Scarlet for the Red
Polish Pro Sedona’s Got a Big Ole Butte for the Nude
Polish Pro Dyed to Match for the Yellow
Polish Pro Blue Blood for the blue
Polish Pro Lime in the Coconut for the Green eye
Polish Pro Cappuccino for the peachy colour (bow tie nail)

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