Blushing Confidence


We’ve all been through this, stuck in front of a very small replica of a mirror in the shop, cheeks sucked in trying to match the right colour for that fantastic blush you have been dying to try out. Here is a few quick how to pick the right blush for you. 

With the fairest of the skin tones and the tinge that gives away your hearts secrets so easily blush up with a soft pink, light coral or peach blush.

Blushing might be second nature for the fair skinned ones, but for your unique complexion rich pink, warm mauve and deep peach will make those lovely cheeks every ones eyes widen with jealousy.

For those of you with the really diva like complexion nothing else but deep fuchia, warm brown and tangerine will do anything less will just be a poor excuse for make-up.

Blushing is no laughing matter and if you are going to blush nothing but the right shade will do right, so what are you waiting for? Go get your blush on!