Colour me Beautiful

The cosmetic and beauty industry would not be such a multi-billion dollar industry if it wasn’t extremely relevant and important to today’s society. We only have to look at any form of media to know that the message consumers are fed daily is that beauty can be bought. Beauty is bottled and packaged as creams, lotions, clothes, shoes, diet fads and medication.

The truth of the matter is that your definition of beauty is directly linked to your self-worth. Yes cosmetics and accessories can enhance a person’s appearance and make you look modern, colourful and relevant to today’s fashion. There are many extraordinarily beautiful women out there but as soon as they open their mouths their beauty fades. Your conduct, how you carry yourself, the words that you speak, your demeanour, your manners, and your education – all of this bears as much weight to how beautiful you are. Your outward appearance is but a part of your persona.

If one would define what beauty really means it would be:

  • A woman who carries herself with dignity, grace and confidence.
  • It’s a woman whose words don’t cut or curse but build and encourage. 
  • It’s a woman who speaks with clarity and meaning and does not use profane vulgar language.
  • It is someone who treats other beings with respect and tolerance.

These are characteristics that are far more beautiful than a skinny model with long perfect hair and air brushed make up. We all have the potential to be beautiful. Your imperfections can be covered by make up or clothes but your personality will shine though no matter what feathers are adorning your body. If you want to be beautiful – start with how you talk, how you treat your family and colleagues and how you present yourself. If you ACT beautifully you will also become beautiful inside and out.