The Colour of your Voice

We all have a voice and this voice changes colours and themes as life passes by. You may have more than one voice speaking into the abyss of this life at one stage, but only you colour it perfectly: 

Honesty is the best policy and no matter what people say or do, you are the one that won’t hide behind a giggly “that is the way things are” mind-set. You speak up and speak out even if it is very hard to do so at times.

Laughter is the one thing that lovely face of yours cannot do without and let’s be honest life is way too serious sometimes. There is nothing better than stirring up some good laughter when things are getting tough. So go on! Laugh a little more and spread the happiness.

This voice is reserved for personal family and friend related relationships only. This is the voice that people hear loud and clear speaking into their hearts and lives, because yes you are involved and sometimes overbearing but they know it comes from the bottom of your very big heart.

Striking a balance is something we all strive for, but when those moments of clarity hits you right between the eyes do not be afraid to let others know the true colours of things.

This lovely lady is that inner voice that whispers in your ear defines your uniqueness and can only take shape if you speak to it, literally.

So be brave, speak out let people hear what you have on your mind and remember no matter what the season your unique voice will always colour your path.