Decoding your Mani

We all have a colour that makes our heart leap, the one your friends will gasp about by saying “that is so you girl”! A real diva’s got her signature colour, so take a look and see what your favourite manicure colour reveals about you:

A colour of strength and security, a powerhouse of confidence.

Highlights your sassy and passionate persona showing off your inner diva smiling.

You are a vibrant and bubbly lady enhancing your very energetic nature.

You are well-balanced and in love with colour that creates tranquillity.

A sensual colour for the ultimate femme fatale, she knows it and she owns it.

Divas do experiment and being the expressive person that you are you might add on a few different colours and nail art from time to time. There is however always that one colour that gives you that little oomph, the “oh my” I am really feeling good, the one colour that colours the real you so much more glamorous.