Dream Nails Beauty Resolution, Quick Solution

Happy 2015!!!! As we all vow to do a whole lot of things most of us will not follow through on we believe in taking an easier approach. 

1. Resolution: Go on a Diet 
Quick Solution: Learn to love yourself as you are. We all know that one person that eats sooo much but never gain weight, sadly not all of us are that lucky and most likely we are sitting with a muffin top or two after the festive season. Instead of drawing up stringent charts and trying fad diets where you only lick cauliflower for a week, make a mind shift change. Love yourself, muffin top and all. Reality is no body is perfect, those who are, are in truth photo shopped. Provided you are healthy a little “junk in the trunk” is not worth losing eternal happiness over.

2. Resolution: Stop biting you nails
Quick Solution: Regular Manicures and Maintenance by a professional. Nail biting can make your hands look awful and cause permanent damage in severe cases. I am sure as a nail biter you have tried every possible remedy, from confronting your “Demons” to knitting. At Dream Nails our passion is Nails. No Nails = No Nail Art. Manicures and nail enhancements serve as Nibble Inhibitors on a physical but also psychological level, if your nails look beautiful you will be less likely to want to ruin them with nail biting.

3. Resolution: Stress Less
Quick Solution: Weekly Back Neck & Shoulder Massages It is easy to get overwhelmed by work and family obligations. It’s a very good sentiment to try and stress less, but in reality I don’t think anyone consciously chooses to stress. Instead it creeps in and accumulates over time until one day the time bomb goes off. We can’t keep stress from creeping in but forcing yourself for a weekly time out with a good Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (the stress storage hotspot on the human body) you can work out a lot of the pent up stress, allowing you to let go and find your Zen instead.

4. Resolution: Exercise More
Quick Solution: Join a gym and never go, like everyone else. It makes perfect sense for you to want to improve your appearance, but is exercise really the answer? I mean let’s be honest attempting any sort of physical activity hurts, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Rather spend your gym expenses on enhancing your natural beauty with lash extensions, nail enhancements and even semi-permanent make up. All of which are way less painful than squats and much more rewarding than a monthly membership fee to a place you will only visit twice a year.

5. Resolution: Quit Smoking
Quick Solution: Find another addiction Smoking really is a bad habit, but habits can be broken… with strenuous rules and guidelines you could really quit. OR you could substitute a bad habit for a good one… We recommend every time you feel like buying a packet of Cigarettes buy a gorgeous nail polish from our inTouch range, it retails at about the the same price as a pack of ciggies.

Life is too short to waste precious time on things that can be solved quickly and easily. So quit your fad diets, stringent charts and strenuous rules and guidelines and switch over to the easy way of life, muffin tops and nail biters welcome.