The Gift You Should Give Yourself

It's been a crazy year… We moved house, jobs, planned a wedding - got married and had some serious health issues. Its around this time of year that I start bouncing off the ceilings with excitement and anxiety because the year is coming to an end and I feel like I'm on a moving train… It's Spring, my birthday and then it seems like we get onto the slippery slope of year end festivities until the penultimate event Christmas and New Year! From now it seems like my soul becomes alive with possibilities of garden parties and shopping, buying presents and everything that must still be done before I can take a holiday. I feel like a hamster running the wheel in a cage! I've had to take a step back and think around this time of year - what would be the greatest gift I could give myself? I have all the material wealth I could wish for. What I would like most and need most would be TIME.

We live in such a fast paced society. Get up at the crack of dawn to make our way through traffic with other half asleep caffeinated individuals, to clock into work on time. We work ourselves silly, doing either what we hate or love all day, with people we either get on with or loath and at the end of the day we rush home with other irritated burnt out people who want to get home as much as we do. At night we get food on the table, spend minutes with our kids between dinner and bath time and by bed time we haven’t connected yet to those nearest and dearest to us because we are too drained from the demands of the day and we've been watching the clock all day. We don’t get time to think, to process, to recover.

I've decided this year to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! Take a breath. Sit down for a moment and really give to myself of myself. We need to quiet our minds down and embrace our current state of mind and catch our breaths. We need to pull up the brakes on life’s precious moments and just enjoy that present state of togetherness that will never come again. I find myself exhausted, neglected and burnt out at this time. The perfect gift to myself this Christmas would be to eat healthy, get lots of sleep, spend time in my garden and with my loved ones and most of all give myself time to get over disappointments in life and embrace the wonderful ones. Slow down and just enjoy the present moment. Time is a great healer, equaliser and gift we need to give - not just to others but more importantly to ourselves.