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White is classic trend that will never fade away. It is the blank canvas waiting to be used. It opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. This month we will be showing you how to pull off white when it comes to nails, fashion and makeup. So all you trendy glamour diva’s take notes, this will come in handy. 


White nails are sleek and minimal, yet fun and classy.  White nails are one of this season’s biggest nail colour trends. We so use to the traditional manicure for a wedding, why not move away from that and try something new and creative?

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten!  Add some glamour to your nails by opting for white glitter nails. A bright white glitter manicure looks good on everyone and will go well with your wedding dress and besides, glitter adds some glamour and elegance to ones nails. So instead of your white tips, go for the glitter tip look instead.


White is a colour that gives you a fresh or crisp feel and wearing white from head to toe can result in an extremely stylish look. White is a classic colour that never goes out of fashion. Want a winning outfit? Always go for the clean, all-white look.

There is no secret tricks to wearing all-white. White is a colour that everyone can pull off and look absolutely gorgeous. When it comes to glamourizing your white outfit, try not to overdo it. A silver belt and some jewellery can add a beautiful pop to your look. 


Although white is seen as the absence of colour, it can create a powerful finish when used to enhance, highlight or pull focus to your features. White reflects more light than any colour, so always apply a base of white eyeshadow to your entire lid, this will open up your eye area and will make your eye seem bigger and make them pop.

 White eyeliner is minimal and sexy at the same time. It is easy to wear and a great colour to add dimension to your makeup look. The white cat eye look is a cool but unexpected shade. It's a modern interpretation of the black cat eye and it's absolutely gorgeous on all skin tones.

When wearing nude lip colour can leave your lips looking dull, so add white gloss or clear lip gloss. This will reflect light and give you a high shine, long lasting effect. Make sure to apply over a nude lipstick in the centre of the lips for added fullness and make your lips look luscious!


Our face is one of the most important part of our body which we all stress about. We all want beautiful glowing skin right? So it only makes sense for us to take care of our face. What better way to do so than to treat your face to a Giovanni Facial Detox? Have your skin feeling refreshed, renewed, softer and smoother! The most important benefit of taking care of your face is that it makes your aging clock run backward not forward.

With these helpful tips, you’ll sure be ahead of the trend pack and look flawless with your all-white look!