Glam up your Winter

It’s that time of the year when we all feel a little bit dull and moody because of the cold weather this season, this means waking up later than usual because the bed just feels so darn good and let’s not forget, all the extra pounds we put on because all you want to do is sit on the couch and eat and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is something about winter that makes you want to hibernate it’s just a natural feeling here are a few tips to keep the winter blues at bay and to step up your winter game. 

During winter the skin becomes very dry, scaly even, so to combat this you need to apply moisturizer every day, head to toe so that you keep your skin looking gorgeously radiant. Remember to use an oil based moisturizer instead of a liquid one this is so that the skin gets an extra protective layer. 

Glam up your everyday make up look with a bit of bronzer on your cheeks as a blush this looks beautiful especially when the sun rays hit the highest point of your face, makes you look like a goddess just ready to conquer the world.

Some of us can’t get this winter fashion right. Its either we layer too much or too little. To pull off the winter look invest in a beautiful warm jacket that can tie your whole outfit together so you end up looking like the fabulous  queen you are.

There are many beautiful winter colours that are trending this year, if you are looking for a more darker shade, A Navy  colour with a bit of glitter is the way to go. This almost goes with anything. Nude is huge this year whether its winter or summer. It’s the perfect nail colour to have during this season because whether you like your nails long or short nude will look good on any length. Remember to make sure to match your nude with your skin tone. The Grey shade is also a beautiful colour which will match nicely with all your fabulous coats. Last but not least, Red, a classic colour for a classic lady just to add that pop of colour to your everyday look.