Heirs to the Throne

Heirs to the Throne is a noble and exciting colour that is great for the charismatic girl. Purple has always been a colour that represents royalty and the metallic effect adds extra sparkle to complete any sovereign look. 

Mood Match: Purple is a colour that stimulates the imagination so wear the colour if you are feeling creative or you want to inspire some creativity. People who wear purple are said to emanate a sense of ‘quiet dignity’ so you can paint on Heirs to the Throne if you want to look elegant and give off an air of luxury.

Pairing: Heirs to the Throne is a striking colour that looks stunning on its own so there is no need to pair it and the colour acts well as an accessory to any outfit. If you do want to pair the colour with another then stick to metallics, match it up with dark red, deep blue or silver.

Season Match: Heirs to the Throne is a rich shade of purple. This particular hue of purple is trendy for winter this year.

Skin Tone Match: Heirs to the Throne works best for the cool toned women – women with pale, beige or very dark skin, with dark eyes and blonde or dark hair.

Event: Heirs to the Throne is a graceful polish that would be great to wear if you are going to a VIP Event. The colour will act as a people magnet while showing off your individuality and the metallic effect of the polish will reflect the light to give you that extra twinkle.

Article by Nosizwe Ndlovu

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