How to be the best Bridesmaid

A bride needs her wedding day to be picture perfect; by doing that she needs the perfect bridesmaid as her right hand. Here is how we can be your go-to gal like your bridesmaids holding up your wedding dress when going to the loo, making that important speech and making sure you look beautiful.

1. Be happy for her

So your best friend is getting married and you not even thinking about settling down yet? All you can do is be happy for her. Jump up and down or shout it out loud with her when she announces the news. We all need our own robin like in Batman, why not be hers for the day.  

2.Add that personal touch

When it comes to helping planning the wedding, add a little personal touch to it. Help the bride out with some awesome DIY ideas that can safe her money.  Plan a girl’s weekend where you all can sit and create wedding invitations, décor and maybe bake a few sweeties for thank you gift. That sounds fun after all.

3.Be honest, not mean

Don’t be like Lindsay Lohan in mean girls when it comes to telling the bride what you think about her dress.  Honesty is the best policy. If you think her dress looks like a curtain, then you should tell her. Just do it in a nice way that’s all we say.

4.Keep Calm & be the best bridesmaid

There will be times you would like to scream and shout at the bride, because she is changing the theme again and you have been working hard on your pink centre pieces for her. Best is, keep calm and be the best bridesmaid you can be. In the end all you have to do is smile and wave.

5.Bridal Shower

Every bride needs a party with lots of champagne and fun! This is when all fights can be set aside and everyone get tipsy before the big day.

6.      Pamper hamper.

If you are a great bridesmaid, you will know that one of the best places to take the bride to get pampered is Dream Nails Beauty Salons. Not only can the bride relax and be stress free, but she and all her bridesmaids can get ready at the salon on the big day. Mani and Pedi’s for everyone!

7.      Say I do with the bride

Be there every step of the way. Help the bride remember her vows or whisper I got your back before she goes into a panic. Having someone by your side can help you relax and enjoy the moment.

8.Pack an Emergency Kit

The big day has finally arrived and the bride might have forgotten a few things. Be prepared and have a few safety pins, tissue or lipstick near for emergencies, the speeches might get a little soppy.

9.Don’t have too much to drink

The champagne might be popping, but don’t be a slouch and disappear with the single hottie at your table. The bride might just need you at that very moment to say a speech.

10.Surprise with a gift

Send off the bride with a special gift. She will be on honeymoon, so let your imagination run wild...


So whether the bride is being a bridezilla, remember to smile and wave. Try and make it the best possible day for her.