inTouch Colour Focus - Blue Velvet Rope

Blue Velvet Rope is a bright shade of blue for the friendly girl. Blue is an easy going colour that most people like because it gives a sense of tranquility. The liveliness of the polish will put you in an instant good mood and will subtly show off that inner confidence that you possess. 

Mood Match:
Wear this colour if you want to create an atmosphere of balance and relaxation, the colour is also great if you want to appear peaceful. You can also wear the polish if you want people to think you are friendly and approachable.

If you want to create a fun, exciting look, pair Blue Velvet with other bright colours such as pink, green and purple. The colour will make a statement if you accent it with white but if you want to tone the polish down, you can mix it with other shades of blue.

Season Match:
Blue is a versatile colour that can be worn in all seasons except autumn. The shade of blue will determine which season the polish is best suited for. Blue Velvet rope is vibrant and is fantastic for those hot, summer months because the colour will has a cooling effect.

Skin Tone Match:
Blue Velvet looks great on cool toned women – women with medium to dark brown or black-brown hair, pale, beige, olive or dark skin and dark eyes. The colour also looks good on some warm toned women - women with medium, golden or black-brown hair, bright blue, green or dark brown eyes and porcelain, peach, bronze or dark brown skin.

Wear this polish when you are going to a meeting, particularly if you are stressed about it. The colour facilitates communication and will give you a sense of calm and control as you command the room.

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