InTouch Colour Focus - Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink is soft romantic colour for the sweet and compassionate girl. Pink is one of the colours of love and harmony so you shouldn’t be too surprised if you fall in love with the polish. 

Mood Match: Wear this colour if you want to feel feminine but playful. The shade of colour will make you feel girly and coy but the subtle shimmer will add some sparkle. Dusty Pink is the kind of polish that should be worn if you want people to feel like you’re easygoing and approachable and that you’re the type of girl who enjoys what life has to offer.

Pairing: Pair the polish with other soft colours such as pastel purple, turquoise and green.

To make the Dusty Pink stand out you can also pair the colour with white or accent it with a light hue of silver or gold to bring out the shimmer of the polish. You can also match the polish with deeper pinks for a more neutral look.

Season Match: This shade of pink is light and soft and has a sense of freshness so it will look fantastic in spring and can be extended into the summer months. \

Skin Tone Match: Dusty Pink works best on cool toned women but can also look great on warm toned women. For cool toned women the colour will specifically suit you if you have pale or rosy pink skin, brown, blue or green eyes and have blond or light brown hair. For warm toned women the colour looks best if you have peach, light ivory, deep warm brown or dark skin, blue, green or hazel eyes and medium to dark brown hair.

Event: Dusty Pink is a romantic colour that has a little shimmer making it would be perfect to wear to a spring or summer wedding. The colour will give you a nostalgic feeling making you feel warm and cozy as you watch the love story unfold in front of you.

Article by Nosizwe Ndlovu

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