inTouch Colour Focus Fruit Smoothie

inTouch Colour Focus Fruit Smoothie is a sparkly, deep hue of magenta for the spontaneous girl. This polish inspires passion and is often favoured by girls who see life through their own lens. Your witty nature has people describing you as an off-beat socialite who has a thrill for life. 

Mood Match: Wear this colour if you want to lift your mood and create an atmosphere of high energy. Fruit Smoothie will leave you feeling balanced and in control of your life but also adds some humour. You can also wear the polish if you are feeling creative or if you want to inspire innovation.

Pairing: If you want to create a cohesive look then pair this colour with other shades of purple, pinks, reds and darker blues. Alternatively if you want to create a contrasting look that still works then pair the colour with a lime green (this is a colour combination that is often found in nature). If you want to make the polish stand out more than accent the polish with silver or greys.

Season Match: Fruit Smoothie is a great colour to wear in spring and summer. The sun will reflect of the glitter in the polish making your nails shimmer in the light.

Skin Tone Match: This colour looks best on particular cool toned and warm toned women. Fruit Smoothie is better suited for cool toned women that have blue-black, silver or salt and pepper hair, blue, violet or grey eyes and pale beige or rosy-beige skin. The polish looks good on warm toned women that have light to medium golden blonde or golden brown hair, blue, green or light hazel eyes and ivory or peachy toned skin.

Event: Paint on Fruit Smoothie and do something creative and spontaneous like going on a road trip to a place you’ve never been before. Article by: Nosizwe Ndlovu

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