InTouch Colour Focus - Hot Orange

Hot Orange is a sunny and zesty colour for the adventure-seeker. This colour has a glow to it that will remind you of your childhood days or of those happy summer days you spent doing fun stuff with your friends and family. Hot Orange is perfect for those who like to ‘live in the moment’.

Mood Match 
Wear Hot Orange if you want to put a spring in your step and lift your mood. The colour also inspires enthusiasm and will guide you towards having a more positive outlook on life. Wear this colour if you want to take action, orange stirs courage and spontaneity.

Hot Orange can be paired with other bright colours that won’t dull the nail polish. Yellow and pink will give you a more harmonious look while green, blue and purple will giving you a more daring and intense look. As usual you can also make the polish pop by pairing it with a white. To glamourize your nails and add more sparkle you can accent the colour with a gold polish.

Season Match
Orange has been a trendy colour for spring and summer this year (2014), so rock Hot Orange on those bright and sunny days to reflect the warmth of the sun.

Skin Tone Match
Hot Orange will look fantastic on warm toned women – women with ivory, golden beige, bronze or warm brown skin that have dark eyes and dark hair, or women with porcelain, light ivory, peach, bronze or deep brown skin with blue, green or topaz eyes and medium to dark brown hair. Event: Being the extrovert and active girl you are you this colour would be great to wear to a festival or concert. It will put you in the perfect mood and give you energy as you jam the day away, making new friends and new memories.

Article by: Nosizwe Ndlovu

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