InTouch Colour Focus Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a bright and tangy colour for the active girl. Tangerine is a hue of orange which is a warm colour that draws people in making the nail polish the perfect accessory for the social butterfly.

Mood Match: Wear this colour when you need a ‘pick-me-up’. Tangerine is a rejuvenating colour that makes us feel optimistic and energetic. The colour also inspires adventure and confidence so paint on the nail polish if you’re about to embark on a new journey; be it a new job, a new boyfriend or trip to a foreign land.

Pairing: Tangerine Dream would work well with a bright pink or purple, or other bright shades that won’t clash with or dull the nail polish. If you want to make your nails pop then pair the nail polish with a white nail polish, or if you want to spice your look up add some gold accents either to your nails or with some jewelry. For the more daring individual a colour that would work well with the nail polish is a light or royal blue. Blue is a complementary colour to orange and would make your nails look more intense.

Season Match: Orange is generally an Autumn colour but because Tangerine Dream is a brighter hue of orange it would work best in Spring to look bright and fresh as the flowers start to bloom.

Skin Tone Match: Tangerine Dream will work best for warm toned women – women with golden beige, golden brown or pale peach skin who have dark eyes and red, brown, black hair or golden blonde hair.

Event: Tangerine is a social and stimulating colour so wear Tangerine Dream when you go to a cocktail mixer with your friends. The colour will be a great conversation starter as people find themselves gravitating towards you.

How to achieve this look: You can achieve this look by firstly applying a generous layer of clear base coat, the base coat. When the base coat is dry you can evenly apply 2/3 layers of Tangerine Dream, the more layers you apply the richer the colour looks. You can then top of the look by applying a layer of clear top coat. You can purchase the InTouch Tangerine Dream Nail Polish (10ml), InTouch Base Coat (10ml) the InTouch Top Coat (10ml) from R54 each; all available at selected Dream Nails Outlet.

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