Match your Mani

The great thing about Mani's is that they can inspire your outfit, it gives you an excuse to change your Mani more often. The trick is to find the perfect balance. Do you want your Mani to shine or do you want your outfit to be the center of attention?

Matching your outfit with your mani can be tricky sometimes, but there is always a way to find the perfect balance. When you are inlove with your mani sometimes  you want it to shine more than your outfit, on other occasions you want your outfit to be the cetre of attention. There is a way to let them both stand out equally.

Contrasting colour and shapes

Print fashion has made its way and is here to stay, nothing makes you feel more fierce than wearing a maching or non maching print outfit. You could go safe and choose a monochromatic nail colour to go with your print or you could take a risk and go for geometric nail art with colours that will not clash with your outfit.

Beach attire

When you’re on a holiday with your friends the last thing you want to do is worry about your nails chipping or changing your nail colour ever so often. A great way to avoid this is to choose a bunch of light pastels or complimentary nail colours and implement those colours by either having each colour on a different finger, or a stripe nail art design to incorparate the colours in one.

Go bold or go home

When wearing bold monochromatic outfits like red for instance, it is very important that your nail colour does not clash with your outfit, but instead compliment it. A great nail colour could be a light pink, a brown nude or pure white colour.  This will give your outfit the opportunity to stand out from the crowd because of the contrast.

Pretty in pink.

Pink is one of our favourite colours and who doesn’t want to wear pink, we would suggest you keep it simple, you can play arround with lighter shades of pink if your wearing a more darker shade and visa versa.


You don’t have to restrict yourself to matching your mani with your outfit , try matching your mani to your new funky haircolour. Mani’s are a great way to express yourself so go for it!