Mom and me

Cherish the time you share as mom and daughter, when all is said and done your words and actions counts so much more in each other’s lives than you might ever realise. There is nothing more valuable, endearing and trusting than the love that exists between a mom and her daughter. 

Nothing can buy your presence no money can make up for lost time in any form. Only your presence, support and recognition when her eyes are searching for you when she bravely walks into the unknown of anything new will make the worlds difference.

Let her wear your shoes, put on your makeup and paint her nails. She needs to know that having fun in this serious life is important, but more important than that that she is accepted and loved most when she is being herself.

She needs to know that she can be confident in the decisions she makes. Encourage her and believe in her enough even if she does not to do and try new things even if she might fail. She needs to know that she can be strong and independent, having an outlet for her feelings growing into the beautiful woman she will become. Making mistakes is part of growing up, no matter how difficult it might get, she knows you will be there through tough times and good times.

Show her affection, even if she does not want to hear it “I love you” will never be enough. Hold her hand and let her know how beautiful she is, she needs to hear this more than you realise your reassurance is the greatest way to show how much you love her. Express your love towards her father, her siblings unconditionally without restraint.

The most valuable lesson you can teach her is to know when to stand up and walk away. She is worthy of being respected and to demand it. Teach her to choose her battles and that not all wars are won with fists or words. Teach her how to be the better person, when to stand up and when to walk away.

Share her hopes and dreams, secrets and talk to each other. Teach her manners, to respect others you cannot always be her friend. Comfort her when she needs you and remind her that no one will ever love her as much as you do.

There are times that World War Three may rear its head in this unique relationship you and mom might share, but when it comes to protecting and loving the ones closest to us there is nothing that can take away the way a mom and daughter love each other.