Nail Trends You Need To Try This Spring

It’s that time of the year your sandals and off the shoulder tops come out to play, so obviously if you show a little skin here and there, your nails and toes have to look on point. Here are a few nail trends you need to be trying this summer.

French Tips 2.0

Say good bye to the classic white French tip and hello to some colour, a French Mani doesn't’t always have to have a white tip, it can be absolutely any colour you want. What works the best is when you opt for a colour that is bright and stands out.

Chrome It

We can’t get enough of the Chrome Nail trend. It has been around for a while but never this popular. This type of nail art looks amazing paired with a stiletto nail shape, or even coffin shape. You can be bold and just rock a full set of Chrome nails or you can have it on a nail or two just to add a bit of that metallic glam.

Fancy Floral

Floral nail art will always make an appearance in summer, the nice thing about floral is you are free to go as big as you want in a form of 3D nail art or simplistic by joining a few dots to create a floral effect, the key with this trend is to make it look as dreamy as possible, best colours to use are either pastels or a white colour on a clear back round.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a great colour for this season, The colour itself is beautiful enough to just wear on its own. It suits every skin tone and is perfect if you want a balance between something chilled and something glamorous.


Of course these are not the only trends that are trending this summer, try creating your own and see what you come up with. There are no more excuses to having bad nails, it’s in fact the perfect excuse to get your nails done.