Nails in Winter

Winter is always a tough time of year especially for your hands and nails. During winter the harsh climate draws moisture from the environment which includes our bodies. Not only is the weather taking moisture but in order to keep ourselves warm the use of heater, air conditioners, heated blankets etc also saps the moisture from our bodies.

The main nail problems we find are flaky nails, brittle nail that break easily because of lack of moisture and our nail grow slowly in winter due to lack of circulations.

Our hands and cuticles become dry with the environment and artificial heating which can damage the cuticle. The cuticle plays an important role in the health of your nails. They provide a protective cover for the tissue that grows new cells that builds the nails. As you know, your nails are constantly growing -- that's why you have to keep clipping them. The cuticle protects the new the nail.

Taking care of your cuticles is important because it can lead to stronger, healthier nails. Also, if you neglect them, your cuticles can cause some problems, including painful infections. You need to look after your nails and hands year round but in winter step it up a bit. Use cuticle oil more frequently- we suggest NSI Nurture oil, it hydrates the cuticle and had grape seed oil which will repair for the broken or torn cuticle.