Top 4 Spring Nail Art Trends

Dream Nails Beauty is always way ahead of the pack, making sure we know what is trending for spring. Naturally when one thinks of spring we think of bright yellow, lime greens even floral, but that’s not the case in the nail art world. It’s all about simplicity this season, with just a touch of glamour.

From what we have seen from New York Fashion week, less is definitely more. Instead of bedazzling a full nail you can just have a single diamante on one finger and voila instant glamour. We have selected our top four spring nail art trends:

The matte and shiny finish, usually you would choose one over the other, but how about mixing the two different textures on one nail. I can tell you now, the contrast looks amazing.

The golden thread on a solid colour, the gold thread stands out a lot more when you use a solid bold colour like black or white, these colours compliment the gold thread beautifully. You can make your thread as thick or as thin as you want but the thinner the gold thread the longer it lasts.

The statement bronze, try a short nail bed with a dark bronze shade on top, because the colour is so dark it creates a sultry look which is great for evenings because of the beautiful shimmer.

Pastel on clear nail polish, this look is so elegant but cutting edge at the same time. Pastels colours are great for spring because they bring a sense of freshness to your hands. This look is when you’re looking to try something different. It is not often we use clear polish as part of nail art, because it is clear it really makes the pastel colours stand out.


The great thing about these trends is that you can mix the different style by having one as your mani and the other one as your pedi. Remember you can recreate any of these looks at a Dream Nails Beauty near you, but you must admit one can’t help but be inspired to go for something different this spring, I know we are.