Top 5 Gifts for the Dream Nails Girl

Being the control freak that I am I’ve already planned Christmas. No really… not just for myself, but for my hubby and for everyone around me. 

I’ve been instructed by my hubby that Im not allowed to make up the tree until at LEAST 15 November!

I mean seriously – who waits that long? Checkers and Spar and Hyper have been celebrating it for almost two months already - He needs to get with the program and get into the Festive spirit with me. So, to work on his un-festive Christmas mood, I’ve put the bag with Christmas décor and tree right in front of the patio door… so he has to step over it to go into the garden… and soon I will have worn him down.

Along with the Christmas itinerary I’ve of course planned the meals and the gift shopping list already.

So I know exactly what I want for Christmas

1. A colourful Handbag.
Nothing says VAVAVHOOOM like a new bag. Its like a signature. Its hip and adds pizazz to a dress or slacks. I need a happy colourful bright summers bag that I can fit all the essentials into, and then some! So I’ve seen this gorgeous little tote bag with the cutest owls in lemons, pinks and reds and its no 1 on my gift list. 

2. A Pair of strappy Sandals.
Every Dream Nails girl knows that it’s the season to show off those pretty manicured toe nails. I’m into the greens and blue nail polish hues this season and a little nail art didn’t hurt anyone. A strappy sandal says glamour, sexiness and can be worn for day and night outings.

3. Stylish Hair Accessories.
If you have long thick hair like mine you will understand that its virtually impossible to have a perfect head of hair every day, and in the heat of summer its just too hot to blow wave. Even my GHD needs a break every now and then. A sparkly hair clip or a sweet Alice band or bow in your hair, brings out the girl and fun in every woman.

4. A Body Spritzer.
I cant get enough of the smell of vanilla and lemon this summer. I layer it on as I get out of the shower… In the hot balmy summer days there’s nothing as refreshing as a fresh smelling spritzer to make you feel clean and perky. Plus my hubby follows me around the house like an obedient Christmas elf when I smell good. 

5. A scented candle.
It smells like heaven in my home over Christmas time. Cinnamon, Coffee, Pine Needles, Red Apples and Oranges… A sweet smelling home, a pretty Christmas tree, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and mince pies all adds to the spirit of Christmas for me. I burn the candles day and night and each room looks and smells inviting.

That’s just the preliminary Christmas list… the essentials every Dream Nails girl should add to her shopping list… But now let me say goodbye…. Time to move the bags of Christmas décor to the door of the garage as my Christmas elf is heading in that direction.