Nothing improves your mood like a new manicure, and in this cold weather we could all do with a ‘pick me up’. So next time you head to the salon, bear in mind these top nail trends for Winter 2018.




Colourful Cuticles

Negative space manicures are far from new – this we know – but the latest trend features a peek-a-boo element. You can either let a pop of colour peek out on your cuticle or peek a bit of bare nail. And the best part of going with bare nail? The grow-out is no longer annoying and ruining your selfie-worth mani!






3D Embellishment

From floral designs to simple studs, 3D nail art is a bold statement. With this trend you will make your nails the new ‘jewellery’, the ultimate fashion accessory. Taking the regular manicure to the next level, this trend makes use of rhinestones, gems, petals, pearls, 

bows etc.






A shimmery or metallic nail is easy to achieve and it just looks so fun. Metallics exude glamour and class, but seeing them totally covering the nail is actually a little bit whimsical. Have fun with chrome using different shades to marbleize or ombre to put a spin on your look and tell a unique story.





Colour Block Nail Art

Colour blocking really makes a statement. Often, when getting a manicure, the most difficult part is choosing a colour! Now, you can colour block in so many colours. The options are endless with this nail styling