Walking on sunshine

Colours have a wonderful ability to evoke emotions in people. How many people dress up based on their mood? A lot. Without even realizing it. Colour plays a huge part in our daily lives, anyone who is creative will know this. Let’s take the colour yellow for instance, not only does it look amazing on all skin types, when you see someone wearing yellow your heart can’t help but smile for a second, it’s not a colour people wear often and it’s always a pleasant surprise. Express yourself with this funky colour this season. Don’t limit yourself to only clothing.

Nail it

If you not a big risk taker or if you’re not into bright colours, start small. Neon nails will always be a trend, it’s a funky way of doing something different, yellow neon nails are super edgy especially if they are a stiletto or ballerina nail shape. Oh, and the longer the better.

Shades of yellow

This season number one accessory should definitely be shades, Yellow sunnies are so chic and come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes, much like women. Sunglasses have the ability to add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. So add some pizazz to your ensemble with a pair of yellow sunglasses.

Walking on sunshine.

What is sexier than a pair of skinny jeans paired with yellow stilettos and a white t-shirt, just thinking about it makes you want to try it out, the stilettos will add a pop of colour to the outfit and make you stand out a bit more, keep everything else neutral so that the yellow heels can really can be the star of the show.

Put your face on

Make up has evolved to the extent where you can literally put any colour on your face, because yellow is a bright and bold colour one may get carried away, best thing is to keep it simple, if you go for a bright lip then you should tone the rest of the face down, yellow eye shadow is a great way to show some colour in a subtle way.

Be bikini ready

There is nothing worse than having an amazing bikini to wear and as your about to put it on you realize you haven’t properly prepared down there. All it takes is a skilled beauty therapist, some warm wax and a couple seconds of pain (it’s so worth it) and your good to go. Lastly spend some time in the sun absorb some of that vitamin D, but remember to do it in moderation and always use some sun screen to protect that gorgeous skin. If you would rather go for that faux tan, then Bodyography Mineral Body Gloss will do exactly that. This will create that perfect glowing tan all year around.