Welcome 2015 – Make this year count!

My jeans are a little tighter as I write this today… I can still taste the gammon and cherry glaze, the leg of lamb and mint combination. The Pavlova and cream left overs from Boxing Day’s garden lunch are slowly fining its nestling spot on my hips… 

Christmas was as always a happy day. Family and friends. Carols and candle light. Surprises and mystery gift games. Children’s laughter and our beloved family childhood stories. Way too many Christmas gifts that will be shoved into shelves already brimming with abundant living.

Our New Year’s Eve party is always a glamorous affair. We dress up, we set the party table and sit down to good company and expensive wine. We celebrate each other by telling each other what we are thankful for in their lives. It’s always a time of deep reflection and grateful tears.

On the 1st of January I usually get this totally uncalled for, out of nowhere burst of energy and frantically start spring cleaning. All the cupboards and drawers are sorted out and rearranged and in the process I unclutter my mind and Im ready to tackle the New Year. I also lay down the sadness and disappointments of the old year and I try to make peace with the past and let it go. Carrying no unwanted baggage into 2015.

We embrace the year ahead as a clean slate. Like opening a brand new memo pad for the first time – it’s fresh, crisp and untainted. That’s how we look at 2015. But we forget that we bring ourselves into 2015. Just as we were in 2014. The same issues, the same fears the same aspirations. And then we set unreasonably high expectations and make resolutions we intend to keep and quite frankly by February none of them have been realised and we fall into a depressive state.

So this year I’m taking off the burden of expectation. I’m lifting the weight of needing to be something that I’m not. I’m putting aside my unrealised dreams and I’m just going to embrace the challenges, joys and whatever else 2015 bring me. But one thing is for certain! I’m going to make 2015 count.