Why we love being women!

Woman’s Day is coming up, so, naturally we are dedicating the whole month to US!


We have been inspired by all the reasons why woman rock! And as if you needed any more reasons to love being a woman, we have thrown out a few that you might not have thought of:

•Something as simple as a new lip stick gives you a whole new lease on life! Each day we get to wake up and experiment with different makeup looks, colours and trends to emote exactly how we feel that day. And then the next day you can do a complete 180 and start all over again.

•Statistically speaking, we live longer than men. Not to brag or anything but its an average of 5 years longer. You know, just to be exact.

•That feeling right after you shave your legs for the first time in a while and you can’t stop running your hands up and down your silky marble columns and you imagine that this is what a mermaid must feel like.

•We can identify our glass just by our lipstick mark on it

•Clothing options. The relative freedom you have in terms of what you wear to the office. You’re not limited to a boring pair of khakis, or the same stifling suit. You can mix it up and wear everything from Michelle Obama classic jewel tones to Meryl Streep Devil Wears Prada extravagance.

• When you see a nice candid photo of yourself laughing and you realize, that is what is actually beautiful about you, even if you look a little silly. It’s not the makeup you’ve been buying or the clothes that nip in just at the waist. It’s when you’re happy, and un-self-conscious, and radiating a generosity of spirit.