Winter pedicures are benificial

Pedicures are very beneficial we all know that, but taking your feet out of your warm socks or boots and forcing your toes to face the cold air can be a downer. This means we skip our regular pedicures until its more comfortable to bare our feet.

Maintaining your feet every few weeks throughout the year is vital to our physical health and it can also be a great benefit to our mental health. You need to keep in mind that your feet carries your body weight around all day, in stiletto pumps, Mary Jane’s, wedges and heeled boots. If they aren’t cared for regularly, complications such as aches, poor circulation, dry heel cracking, calloused skin and ingrown toenails may develop. However if your feet are in great condition, chances are you will feel comforted and pleased with yourself. Just because winter months are here, doesn’t mean you should stop going to the salon to treat yourself to the soothing, relaxing experience of a pedicure.

The reason to get your pedicures during winter:

  • Exfoliate dead skin, exfoliation keeps your skin soft and radiant. New skin equals a new you! 
  • Relieve stress, because being fabulous can be so exhausing!

  • Prevent cracked skin. This one needs no explanation, there's absolutely no glamour in cracked heels and therefore no excuse for it. 

  • Opportunity for nail art!  Any excuse is a good excuse when it comes to nail art!

To keep your regular pedi-regime going you can pop in at your favourite Dream Nails Beauty and book your pedicure.