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Give your tips the edge with natural or french Acrylic or Gel enhancements for added length and strength.

Natural / French: Acrylic or Gel R360
Colour/Funky Tips: Acrylic or Gel R380



Application onto natural nails only, no extensions.

Natural Acrylic or Gel overlay R310
French/Colour: Acrylic or Gel Overlay R320



Giving added lenght and strength for natural nails.

Natural or Designer Stilleto Tips: Acrylic or Gel R440


Nail Art

Add extra glamour to your nails with dazzling decals, cracked ice, Genuine Swarovski Elements, diamantè or coloured Acrylic/Gel for an eye-catching intricate effect.

Nail Art Basic (per nail) from R10
Nail Art Designer (per nail) from R20
Add on: Glaze 'n Go R40
Add on: Go Colour  R60
Add on: Nail Polish R55
Add on: IBX Treatment R80
Add on: Polish Pro (Light Cured Polish) R160
Add on: French Polish Pro (Light Cured Polish) R180


Fills and Maintenance

Don't let re-growth come between you and stunning nails.

Two Week Fill R230
Two Week French Back Fill: Acrulic or Gel R295
Additional Week Thereafter R40
New Nail / Toenail Repair (per nail) R50
Repair with Fill (per nail) R380



For hands and feet.

Soak Off and Buff (hands or feet) R85
Soak Off (before a new application) R70
Soak Off (with new Polish Pro application) R45



Manicure (30min) R170
Dream Manicure (45min) R190
Gent's Manicure (45min) R190
Add on: French Polish R40
Add on: Paraffin Wax R70
Add on: Nail Polish R55
Add on: Polish Pro (Light Cured Polish) R160
Add on: Polish Pro French (Light Cured Polish) R180


Darling Digits 

For hands and feet.

Buff and Polish R120
Buff and French Polish R130
Polish Pro (light cured polish)  R220
Polish Pro French (light cured polish)  R240


Purlés Hands and Feet Ceremonies

Revitalises and moisturises the skin, visibly improving its condition. The ceremony has a strong antiageing effect, softens the skin and restores mineral balance.
Queen Kiwi and Citrus Hand Ceremony R230
Queen Kiwi and Citrus Feet Ceremony R280
Queen Kiwi and Citrus Hands and Feet Ceremony R480




Dream Pedicure (60min) R240
Gent's Pedicure R240
Pedicure with Massage Chair (selected salons only) R260
Foot Massage (30min) R150
Add on: French Polish R40
Add on: Polish Pro (Light Cured Polish) R160
Add on: Polish Pro French  (Light Cured Polish) R180
Add on: Paraffin Wax R70
Add on: Medi-Heel (Ball of Foot)  R40
Add on: Medi-Heel (Heel only)  R80
Add on: Medi-Heel (entire foot)  R120


Toe Overlays


Colour Acrylic or Gel R295
French Acrylic or Gel  R295


Body Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder (30min) R250
Back, Neck and Shoulder (45min) R280
Full Body Massage (60min) R360
Full Body Massage with Soy Candle (60min) R375


Purlés Body Ceremonies

Yummy Mummy Ceremony

Beginning with dry brushing to boost circulation, this smooth, nourishing ceremony is for dry and dehydrated skin and will improve skin elasticity. Safe for pregnant and lactating yummy mummys.
Coffee & Chocolate Body Sculpting Ceremony*  R650
A slimming and anti-cellulite ceremony for the body consisting of a body scrub, wrap and balm. It effectively boosts the metabolism, activates the lipolysis process and improves the skin’s elasticity. *Key results after 6 treatments


Ladies Waxing

Please inform your creative therapist if you are taking any medication.

Lip R70
Chin R75
Brow Shape R75
Sideburns R120
Full Face (including brows) R220
Bikini  R130
Brazilian  R200
Hollywood  R260
Full Legs R240
1/2 Legs R170
3/4 Legs R190
Full Arms R150
1/2 Arms R110
Underarms R100
Fingers or Toes R75
Stomach Line R70


Dreamy Dudes

Please inform your creative therapist if you are taking any medication.

Brow Shape R75
Nose or Ears R70
Fingers or Toes R75
Chest R250
Stomach R150
Full legs R285
Full Arms R170
Full Back R250
1/2 Back R195
Men's Combo R880


Only available at selected salons

Lip                    R75
Chin R80
Brow Shape R80
Full Face R180



Brow Tint R70
Lash Tint R80
Brow and Lash Tint R140
Brow Shape and Tint R135


Lash Extensions

Only available at selected Dream Nails Beauty salons.

Individual Eyelashes R550
Two Week Fill from R290
Additional Week Thereafter R60
Removal with New Application  R130
Removal R160



Only available at selected Dream Nails Beauty salons.

Bridal Make-Up Trial R320
Bridal Make-up R750
Special Events Make-up R350
After Facial Make-up R120
Make-up Lesson R550
Make-Up Workshop (per person minimum 6) R350



An intensive rejuvenating treatment, improving skin’s hydration level and elasticity, reducing wrinkles and discolorations. It leaves the skin radiant and visibly younger looking. (Available at selected salons)
Anti-Time Skin Ceremony for under 40 R450
Anti-Time Skin Ceremony for over 40 (Specialised Meso Cocktail) R795
Student Facial (45min) R300
Back Cleanse (30min) R290

Beauté Pacifique 

Beauté Pacifique is fully imported from Denmark and is has developed some of the world’s leading products in anti-aging skin care. (Available at selected salons)

Beauté Pacifique Rebalancing Treatment                                       R550
Beauté Pacifique Reverse Time Anti-Ageing Treatment            R550

Bodyography SKIN

Bodyography SKIN is a complete, luxurious, skin care regimen made with natural and effective ingredients that are scientifically proven to transform the way skin looks and feels. (Available at selected salons)

Bodyography SKIN Facial Express Treatment (30min) R320


Giovanni D-Tox is a premium skincare detox system for the face. All the products contain volcanic ash, activated charcoal, and the super anti-oxidants acai and goji berry which effectively dislodge pollutants, extracts impurities and recharge cells without drying the skin. (Available at selected salons)

Giovanni Facial Detox (30min)                                  R250
Giovanni Backcial (30min) R250


DR. GOBAC’s range of products is unique in the way that it has combined a wealth of natural ingredients and botanical (plant) extracts from all over the world with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced concepts of modern science. (Available at selected salons)

DR. GOBAC® Anti-Ageing Treatment                     R490



(Available at selected salons)

Deep Cleansing Vitamin Treatment (60min) R390
Hands-on Vitamin Therapy (60min) R390
Mild ACM Peel (Problem Skin) R280
ACM Peel (Problem Skin) R360
Mild TCA Peel (Age control) R450
Advanced TCA Peel (Age control) R590
Add On: Alginate Mask R90
Add On: Décolleté R140
Add On: Hands and Feet Treatment R100


(Available at selected salons)
Rejuvenation Peel Treatments For Face (Excluding Neck and Décolleté) (30mins)
Rejuvenation Peel Treatments For Face (Excluding Neck and Décolleté) (45mins) R450
Rejuvenation Peel Treatments For Face (Including Neck and Décolleté) (60mins) R550
Rejuvenation Peel Treatments For Hands (30mins) R200
Add On: Hand Treatment  R150
Add On: Skin Rejuvenating Serum R50
Express Facial (30 minute Facial excluding Massage)  R300
Classic Facial (45 minute including Facial Massage)  R390
Classic Facial (60 minute including Facial Massage)  R420
Age Defying Luxury Facial (75 minute)  R590
Optiphi Facial Packages - Purchase 6 of any of the above treatments and receive the 7th treatment complimentary.  


(Available at selected salons)
New Generation Purifying Treatment (60min) R330
New Dynamix Hydrating Treatment (60min)   R350
Acne Attack Peel and Heal Treatment (20min) R375
Zone Power Peel (10min) - 30% Power Peel  R370
Zone Power Peel (10min) - 50% Power Peel  R460
Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment (120min) - 30% Power Peel  R675
Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment (120min) - 40% Power Peel  R685
Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment (120min) - 50% Power Peel  R700
Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment (120min) - 70% Power Peel  R790
New Age Peel and Heal Treatment (60min) - 40% Power Peel  R460
New Age Peel and Heal Treatment (60min) - 70% Power Peel  R610
New Age Peel and Heal Treatment (60min) - 90% Power Peel  R660


Home Care

Suggested retail for home care that will assist your nails to last longer.

Lavender Buffer Block R35
Endurance File 180/180 R45
Endurance File 180/240 R55
Nurture Oil (7ml) R100
Nurture Oil (15ml) R135
Sani-Pure (59ml) R120
Airshield (15ml) R180