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    ‘All Eyes On You’ Set – INNOXA Vegan Skin Care

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    ‘All Eyes On You’ Set – INNOXA Vegan Skin Care


    Get a FREE INNOXA Boost + Lift Tri-Active Eye Cream when you buy your INNOXA Every Day Exfoliating Gel Cleanser and DeepHydrate SPF30 Rich Cream Moisturiser.

    INNOXA Every Day Exfoliating Gel Cleanser:

    This everyday exfoliating gel cleanser is formulated with gentle, spongy Safe-Scrub ™ pressure-sensitive beads that burst upon pressure releasing valuable vitamin B5 into the skin. This gentle cleanser buffs away impurities and surface dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, refreshed and glowing.

    This eco-friendly exfoliation gel wash uses Safe-Scrub ™ pressure-sensitive beads to effectively exfoliate and tone the skin, while gently removing make-up and impurities. Formulated with vitamin B5, which is deeply hydrating and anti-inflammatory. This pH balanced cleanser supports the skin’s natural biome and leaves your skin smooth, refreshed and glowing.


    INNOXA DeepHydrate SPF30 Rich Cream Moisturiser:

    A rich, deeply nourishing and comforting day-time moisturising cream that keeps your skin soft, nourished and hydrated with built-in chemical free sun filters (SPF30) to protect you against harmful UV rays. Added Vitamin B3 and B5 to provide the skin with potent anti-oxidant protection. Contains Ultra-Filling Spheres packed with Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, delivering valuable moisture into the skin’s deeper layers. With sustainably sourced shea butter which nourishes, this rich moisturiser is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving a residue on the skin’s surface. Results in comfortable, plump, hydrated and glowing skin.


    INNOXA Boost + Lift Tri-Active Eye Cream:

    Moisture-rich Tri Active Eye Cream is formulated specifically for the delicate eye area and contains powerhouse active ingredients including active peptides, Kelp extract and sustainably sourced moss extract and Shea butter, to diminish the look of puffiness, dark circles, under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles whilst leaving the eye area calm and hydrated.