Innoxa Clay Glow Foliant Dermabrasion Mask


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This dual purpose dermabrasion mask contains unique volcanic sand microparticles to gently exfoliate the skin for a softer and smoother texture, as well as kaolin clay to mattify, purify and deep cleanse. With noursishing vitamins B3 and E and sustainably sourced Argan oil, the result is refreshed, radiant and naturally glowing skin.

This clay mask contains unique volcanic sand microparticles that gently exfoliate and polish the skin surface, resulting in a softer and smoother texture. Naturally occurring Kaolin (soft clay) has excellent mattifying and purifying properties to deep cleanse the pores, making it suitable for all skin types. Added active ingredients include vitamin B3, vitamin E, which are ultra-nourishing as well as sustainably sourced Argan oil, which assists in reducing blemishes due to its anti-bacterial properties. The result is healthy, hydrated and naturally glowing skin.

Vegan; eco-friendly; cruelty free AND sustainably sourced active ingredients and packaging.  FIRST DO NO HARM!