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Innoxa HydraBalance Micellar Spray


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Gentle and effective cleansing micellar water that removes all impurities and make-up, without the use of water. It protects the skin barrier with a rich fusion of antioxidants, mineral extracts and microbiome balancing actives including sustainably sourced Yacon root, leaving the skin refreshed, cleansed and soothed, for a hydrated and healthy glow.

HydraBalance Micellar Spray is formulated with gentle glycolipids to nourish and protect the skin’s barrier, whilst gently cleansing and perserving the skin’s natural microbiome. This micellar water is ideal for all skin types and contains a rich fusion of active ingredients. Sustainably sourced Yacon root with its antimicrobial properties, is ideal for skins prone to breakouts, yet glycerin helps to lock in moisture, which is exceptionally beneficial for dry, dehydrated skin and all other skin types. Carrot extracts protect the skin and enhance it’s radiance and complexion. The result is refreshed, cleansed and soothed skin with a hydrated and healthy glow.

Vegan; eco-friendly; cruelty free AND sustainably sourced active ingredients and packaging.  FIRST DO NO HARM!

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