What’s the difference?

Choose what types of nail enhancement is best suited for your desired look:

Gel Polish Application

If you long for shiny, chip-free nails that outlast your regular Nail Polish then a Gel Polish Application is the treatment for you. Gel Polish is a modern nail enhancement product that dries within seconds under a UV or LED light, leaving you with shiny, strong and chip-free nails for at least two weeks.


An overlay is when Acrylic or Gel is applied directly onto your natural nail and shaped by hand, then buffed and sealed with a top coat to create that glossy effect. This nail enhancement technique does not involve the lengthening of the nail with a tip or by being sculptured.


Tips are pre-cut pieces of plastic that nail technicians use to give your nails length, by using a nail glue to attach them to the natural nail. They are unusually long for most women, and need to be cut down by the technician to your desired length. Acrylic or Gel is then used to seamlessly blend the tip in with your natural nail. Once your nails are dried, they are filed, shaped and designed according to your preference.


Sculptured nails is when Acrylic or Gel is applied over the entire natural nail and then lengthened using a piece of foil, called a ‘Nail Form’ to support the extending and shaping of the nail. This nail technique with endless number of creative designs and is what the classic ‘trend-setters’ ask for.

What’s a Manicure?

A manicure is a beauty treatment for your hands and it starts with a soak to soften the skin and cuticles, followed by a buff to even out your nails, and then a file to ensure they are all the same shape and size. You may then choose to leave your nails natural or have Nail Polish applied. A manicure is finished off with moisturiser, massage and cuticle oil. There are several add-on’s that can be included, such as a Gel Polish Application, Paraffin Wax and more