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The Dream Nails Beauty Brand

Live Life Creative

Dream Nails Beauty is glamour heaven. It is where all your beauty dreams come true. Here you come home to beauty freedom. This is something we’ve believed in for more than 35 years. You can be as playful, as unique and as expressive as you like to be. We do not believe in one size fits all. We believe beauty comes in every age, gender, shape, size and colour of the rainbow. And we believe you know best what makes you look and feel gorgeous. So whether you want to be polished and sleek or fiece and on fleek, we’re here to help you be true to yourself and make that journey a joyful and beautiful one.

Our treatments* include:

Nails, Hands & Feet

(gel, acrylic, cured nail polishes & overlays)

Facial Treatments

Massage Therapies

Eyebrows Tinting

Waxing & Threading

Eyelash Extensions


Kiddies Treatments

* Certain treatments are subject to availability.

In 1983, the founder of Dream Nails, Nora Barnard, travelled to the USA to do research on the nail industry.

After the completion of several courses and extensive research into the nail industry, she brought back cutting-edge techniques. She used her newfound expertise to train nail technicians on the use of safe products and to set up a fully-fledged nail sculpturing franchise company called Dream Nails.

Keeping up with market and consumer trends has been at the forefront of Dream Nails Beauty for 34 years and this passion has allowed the group to reinvent itself over the years. These customers know that when visiting a Dream Nails Beauty salon you can expect high quality nail enhancements and beauty services, by fully trained and knowledgeable staff which receives continuous training from international acclaimed trainers.

The Dream Nails Beauty brand is proudly part of the i-BLOOM Beauty group.

We share in thei-BLOOM Beauty Group vision to be the leading and most desirable skin care, hair care and beauty solutions group, nationally and internationally. We actively work on the i-BLOOM Beauty Group’s mission to create beauty in the world through the continuous growth ad empowerment of all.

  • Readers Choice Awards 2009 – Number 1 Best Nail Bar as part of the Leisure options.
  • Best of the Best 2013 – Number 1 Best Nail Salon as part of the Pretoria News Readers Choice.
  • FASA 2014 – Finalist in Franchisor of the Year Category.

The Dream Nails Beauty brand is proudly part of the i-BLOOM Beauty group, contributing to the corporate social responsibility path of our Franchisor.

Corporate Social Responsibility
At i-BLOOM Beauty we realise that Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just giving money to charity, or not printing emails to save the environment. It is a journey where the way in which we conduct our business is truly making a positive change in the world. Any organisation is reliant on its Employees, Community and Environment to ensure success. At i-BLOOM Beauty we strive to manage and invest in these relationships to create an overall positive impact not only on society but also to make a positive change in the world through self-improvement, self-empowerment and increasing the self-esteem of our customers.

The Environment
At i-BLOOM Beauty we strive to be sustainable in order to reduce our impact on the environment. We continuously endeavour to create a working environment where our employees focus on saving paper, recycling and minimising electricity usage. We believe by making the necessary small changes within our office environment we contribute to reduce our contribution to the carbon footprint

Staff Welfare
At i-BLOOM Beauty we believe we need to ensure that our Employees are happy, they are our Beauty Force behind the business. We value employee participation, allowing room for growth and promotion and contributing to educational opportunities. By making a positive change in their lives, they continue to strengthen us to achieve our goals.

Giving Back
i-BLOOM Beauty enjoys contributing to a variety of organisations such as: The Tomorrow Trust, Reach for a Dream, Tekkie Tax, POWA and Caring Daisies.


Dream Nails Beauty Salon has signed several exclusive deals with international and local suppliers in order to supply the South African market with the most up to date professional and retail products.


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